Sour Tsunami


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Flavor: Earthy, diesel, citrus
Effects: Relaxation, happiness, analgesic
Activities: Recreation, socializing, light work or physical activity
Medical Conditions: Stress, depression, chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, muscle spasms

Sour Tsunami is a well balanced Sativa-dominant hybrid, with a heritage that includes a Sour Diesel x NYC Diesel pairing. Buds are dark green with purple highlights and strong earthy-diesel aroma, true to its parent cultivars. The pungent diesel element is more prominent in the taste, with a satisfying sourness on the exhale.

Sour Tsunami was bred for low THC (8-10%) and elevated CBD levels, which delivers strong physical effects with a much less significant high. This is a strain with substantial medicinal effects, but won’t leave you stuck to the couch or heavily sedated. Therapeutic relaxation and numbing effects are ideal for managing symptoms of stress, depression, pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms.


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