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Flavor: Berries, sweet, pungent
Effects: Relaxation, happiness, analgesic, sedative
Activities: Recreation, socializing, sleep
Medical Conditions: Stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, pain, headaches, arthritis, inflammation, muscle spasms, fatigue, insomnia

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Buy Garanimals Online

Grape Pie x Animal Cookies is the tasty pairing behind Garanimals. A hybrid strain know for its delicious flavor and heavy Indica effect. Let’s talk about that fragrance and flavor: this strain boasts a sweet. Berry, cookie aroma, and in the smoke a little extra pungence develops for an experience that has classic cannabis appeal. buy weed online in United Kingdom

Average THC level is 20-24% and the effects are centered around relaxation and the soothing of mind, body, and soul. The head high is mild but pleasant, a happy journey into a slightly buzzy and calm space. Buy Garanimals Online

As the Indica asserts itself, the high crashes down into the body with a substantial numbing effect. With high potential for couch lock and sleep. This is an ideal nighttime strain and wonderful for helping manage symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, pain, fatigue, and insomnia.

Garanimals resulted from a cross between Grape Pie and Animal Cookies. This indica-dominant hybrid strain has a terpene profile that gives it a scent and flavor reminiscent of sweet jelly cookies. Although an overtone of damp earth is present, a deep inhalation of its scent will bring out this strain’s delicious cookie-like qualities. Buy Garanimals Online

Garanimals THC levels tend to average in the mid-teens while CBD levels remain below 1%. Several reviewers have shared that the Garanimals strain had the effect of providing them a heavy body high that eliminated both pain and stress of body and mind. They’ve used this strain to relax after a long day’s work and have enjoyed doing lazy-day activities with family or friends.


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