Jungle Boys Grape Jilly


Jungle Boys Pack

Strain : Grape Jilly

Weight : 7 Grams

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PB and Grape Jilly is a rare sativa dominant hybrid (70% sativa/30% dica) that’s a cross between the infamous Sour Grape X Durban Poison X Jilly Bean varieties. This dank bud has a moderate amount of THC, ranging from 15-18% in average. It offers a combination of indica-sativa effects. Grape Jilly and PB users describe a nearly immediate onset of a jolting, energetic, and uplifting head high. The head high makes you feel extremely euphoric, focused, and has very social tendencies.

This cerebral head high is accompanied by a relaxing, mellow body high. It starts at the spine and continues to warm the rest of your body. This body high does not cause sleepiness or sedation, which is remarkable. PB and Grape Jilly are said to be a great strain to treat patients with chronic pain, stress, fatigue, or other conditions. Grape Jilly is a wonderful strain that has a rich, peppery aroma and a sweet taste. These buds are large and fluffy with popcorn-like nugs of light mint green, with orange hairs. They also have a thick frosty layer made up of trichomes.


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