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A high-quality cannabis product often priced to be the most expensive on a menu. In terms of cannabis flower, top-shelf will exhibit an aesthetically pleasing structure, demonstrate desirable terpene aromas and flavors, and have a high cannabinoid content. Top shelf weed is alternately referred to as loud weed for its potent fragrance and high quality.  Buy Top Shelf Packs from

Good Weed vs. Bad Weed

Weed quality can be measured by several criteria, including THC content. Top shelf weed can contain more than 20% THC, while lower grades of weed wouldn’t have anywhere near that amount. You’ll also know that you’ve got your hands on top shelf weed if it doesn’t contain too many unsmokable stems and seeds. Bad weed, which is literally found on the bottom shelf of a marijuana dispensary, may be riddled with stems and seeds.

Aroma and taste are a major part of the cannabis experience and top shelf weed will reveal itself by a delicious aroma and flavor. Bad weed, on the other hand, may just smell “off” and have an unmemorable or unpleasant taste. Buy Top Shelf Packs from

What Does Top Shelf Weed Look Like?

Top shelf weed texture should be only slightly dry but moist enough to be sticky. Looking at the weed, you can also determine the quality by checking for trichomes which contain the flavor, aroma, terpenes, and any medicinal benefits. Use a magnifying glass to inspect the weed for tiny structures that resemble mushrooms. If you see a lot of these, then you might have top shelf weed. Buy Top Shelf Packs from

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